A new day in area rug cleaning.
The first clean to thoughtfully care for the natural fibers of your handmade area rug.

Handmade Area Rug Cleaning/ Oriental Rug Cleaning
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Introducing the Natural Soil Removal System.

Our team introduced a new natural fiber safe cleaning solution, with a neutral pH. Leaving a soft, velvety feel. As you touch your rug, it is cleaner, and better protected, allowing you to experience the results of the Natural Soil Removal System.

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Stunning Results
Clean by Design.
Unlike traditional area rug cleaning, the BenchMark clean is designed to help you clean, restore and preserve your area rug. BioCare™ cleaning solutions are used in a gentle-controlled clean to flush soil away from your area rug. Similarly, the pH neutralizing rinse resets your fibers back to their natural state, leaving your rug clean and balanced.
BenchMark Area Rug Cleaning Reviews.
We are impressed
My wife and I love our cleaned rug. We both think it “pops” much better than it has in a long time. We recently had them take our dining room one based on how great the first one came back. We can’t wait to get it home and see how it looks.
Matt Gaines -verified
Vancouver, WA January 11, 2017
This is the best clean I’ve had from Benchmark yet! I literally just got it back today and it feels like I’m walking on a cloud. I could be on the rug 24/7. BenchMark lives up to its reputation of being the best area rug cleaner!
Bethany -verified
Beaverton, OR July 17, 2017
Just what we wanted
My husband and I can’t get over how well our area rugs looks after we got our BenchMark cleaning! Beats our previous $700 clean by a mile- superior by far in clean, cost and convenience. The technician experience was great, they inspected rug and what they told me matched the what they looked like when they came back.
Megan Sanderson -verified
Portland, OR March 5, 2017
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BenchMark has been cleaning HandMade Oriental rugs for 30 years. With expertise and experience, we’re able to offer you the safest and deepest cleaning of every hand-made and machine loomed area rug.

After learning about BenchMark, call us for expert help from our customer care coordinator. Professional and very experienced in Oriental rugs and their construction, our staff can answer your questions and help you pick the best cleaning package for you.

Once you select your package, take advantage of our free pick up and delivery! We’ll deliver handmade oriental area rugs back to your home within 10 business days from when it was picked up. Ask your salesperson for more information.

Handmade Oriental Rugs

Handmade Oriental rugs enhance the overall beauty of your room, not to mention improving your indoor air quality by capturing soils, dust, and allergens.

A properly cared for HandMade Oriental area rug can last more than 100 years! With proper vacuuming, and consistent professional cleaning you can get years of enjoyment out of it.

Handmade area rugs are usually made from hand-made wool, silk, and colored with vibrant vegetable dyes.

Oriental Rug Care

Correct upkeep for your Oriental rug help it remain beautiful, and extend it’s lifetime. The best way to care for your rug, vacuum consistantly, blot up stains or spills immediately (do not scrub), and avoid stain removers, because they can strip the color from the rug.